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These aren’t your granny’s slippers … but even she would approve.

A slipper should not be boring. A slipper need not be ugly! A slipper should not be deemed only worthy for the indoors. A good slipper makes your walk with the dog an easy delight. A Sunday stroll to the cafe for a cappuccino will be made cozier in a slipper. I will never scoff at an elegant slipper worn in public. If anything, I will be a little jealous, as I trounce around in 10 kilo boots.

In time for the holidays, and in time for respite from obligations of school and work, & other stories has paired up with the luxury Swedish shoemaker Hums, blending solid craftsmanship and cheeky style. The offerings include a pink and black checkered slip-on pair for the classic fashion maven; a cheeky kitten face for those that want to make others smile when they catch a glimpse; a lush and elegant deep purple with a subtle heart pattern; and my personal favorite- the classic black smoking slipper with an unapologetic bright red heart, which allows me to wear my heart on my toes rather than on my sleeve.

These make the perfect gift for your flatmate, for your cat sitter, for your mom, or for yourself. Even better to surprise someone with whom you share the same shoe size 😉 With such a fair price point, you could even get two: one for the indoors and one for the wild.

The collection drops today! You can find it here

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