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In the latest editorial by CRIB Presents, ‘Ambiguous’, we see a topsy-turvy fantastical shoot come to life through the partnership of abstract artist Luke Elson and visual artist / model Tyler Seraphin

Luke Elson, whose artwork is based around the idea of ​​a world made from multiple connotations, paints freely on reams of canvas which have been transformed into sculptured silhouettes worn by Tyler Seraphin. Through Seraphin’s idiosyncratic persona, he gives each garment its own character, developed through performance and exuberant makeup. ‘Ambiguous’ encourages us to look deeper into our own self, as a canvas forever changing.

CRIB Presents is a London-based female creative duo powered by collaboration and mixed with self-expression. The duo specializes in visual art, photography and film, with the sole aim of working with emerging talent, celebrating the lives of those who dare to be brave, who are proud to be different, and who are redefining the meaning of art. 

Production, Direction and Photography: CRIB presents
Costume Creation: CRIB presents 
Textile Art: Luke Elson 
MUA and Hair Stylist: Michelle Leandra 
Model: Rosacea Blemish 
Corsets in Look 2 and Look 3: Tyler Steele 

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