A Post for My Secret Admirers, ft. Le Labo

vor 3 years

Valentine’s Day is in two days, but I also accept tributes year-round

My Dearest Secret Admirers,

Thank you for your admiration, be it in secret or public declaration. I do prefer the former until you are formally vetted.

This Valentine’s Day, aside from the usual daily flowers and roses that I always accept, I wish to inform you that Le Labo has a few products I am eying and vying for, and you would briskly be moved up a few notches on my list of interest and intent if these found their way onto my desk.

There you have some options, admirers. The bottles are also customizable. Engraving is possible, for those who take their adoration seriously.

Find the goods here. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Text by Janna Shaw 

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