New Ouverture Campaign by Annette Apel

vor 3 years

“In my photography, I have always been fascinated by observing people and things, seeking moments that transcend their actual state.”

Perhaps you have noticed… but we were then and we still are in love with the Berlin-based jewelry brand “Ouverture“by Kris Ter-Ghazaryan, so we are happy to share with you their new wonderful interpretation of their current collection with photographer Annette Apel.

Ouverture is lovingly made in Armenia, the birthplace of designer Kris, where this craft is united in both aesthetics and tradition. With this cooperation between Ouverture and the former designer & art director Annette Apel, a unique image of the connection between two characters is created. With an unwavering love for photography, she breathes life into inanimate objects, finely representing movement and dimension into her still lifes.

You can find more info and the images of their last cooperation with artist and photographer Frank Hülsbömer through the link.


All picture courtesy of Ouverture, photographed by Annette Apel

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