ANYTHING GOES?: Berlinische Galerie x Polaroid x Arnaud Ele

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“To learn about the story of Kreuzberg, close to where I live … Paying attention to the details of these buildings changed my entire perception, and I saw them in a different way.”

Today is a good day! Because today, our beloved Berlinische Galerie is reopening! One of their new exhibits, entitled Anything Goes?, is an historical retrospective on the noteworthy buildings that began popping up in the 80s. Upon moving to Berlin, I began to realize that each street, each block, each building has such unique history and stories to it … So many repurposed uses with such astonishing history … I love that Berlinische Galerie has taken it upon themselves to place this exhibit in their art space. This is something I would otherwise envision in an Historical Society.But the architects that are featured in this exhibit are truly masters of their craft and have taken very clever steps to place their own values ​​and aesthetics into gracing a city such as Berlin.

The Berlinische website is hosting three different mobile walking tours, incredibly simple and engaging, with attached audio guides to learn about the buildings along the way. We teamed up with POLAROID to join us on our own walks through Berlin. One photographer we love, Arnauld Ele (who shot this editorial for us) took the Kreuzberg tour, which starts on Admiralbrücke and ends at Gorlitzer Park. See what caught his eye below. 



"I especially like the Fraenkelufer / Admiralbrücke residential development. It brought me to the past. The rigidity, but also the movement, of this building was fun to superpose on Polaroid."

Reaching Kottbusser Tor, I was striked by the change of view, with all the yellow lines... I started to focus a lot on this color, and saw it a lot on the route.

Shooting in Polaroid is always a pleasure, and for this particular project, it totally made sense. Looking back at them, we may never know when the images were actually taken. It could even have been from the 70s, which is when this part of Berlin was designed.

We really enjoyed taking these routes. We have already taken two of the three featured tours, and we plan to do the last remaining walk this weekend, which begins at the Berlinische Galerie (which, did we mention, is once again finally open!) If you take the walk, tag us on Instagram. We would love to see what you are seeing x

You can find the tours, available in both German & English, here

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