Art Exhibitions Worth Keeping Your Faith: 2021

vor 3 Monaten

While all cultural sites in Germany are currently closed, it makes our desire to stroll through museums and galleries that much stronger.

To quench that cultural thirst and to tend to our rays of hope at the end of this gray January, we keep the hope alive that these landmarks will still open back up as is currently planned. And if they do not open back up as planned, we are indeed forming a cultural revolution and hope you will join us. There is a stellar line up planned around Berlin, of exhibits that will pack an even bigger punch for our now hungry eyes. Here are some promising exhibitions to mark in your calendar! (PSST! Speaking of calendars and art, have you gotten our collaborative calendar with König?)



Pinakothek der Moderne Munich: Gerhard Richter – 04. February until 05. May

Gerhard Richter is known for both his abstract and photorealistic paintings, as well as being the most expensive living contemporary artist of our time. Can’t afford one of his paintings yourself? Of course not! And shame on those who can! But if you can afford a train ticket to Munich, some of his latest drawings are on display there, worked in pencils and chalk, which beg to question the importance of drawings and their longform stature in the 21st century.

Museum Ludwig Cologne: Andy Warhol Now – until 18. April

The famous Pop Art artist is known for many iconic motifs. The Museum Ludwig now shows 100 of his artworks while highlighting the background of pressing social issues within his artistic practice, such as the influence of his migration background, and other current topics around gay rights, freedom, societal pressures, and the emergence of global health issues. You will want to have a look at the museum’s large Pop Art and Modern Art collection while you are there.

Gropius Bau: Yayoi Kusama Retrospective – 19. March until 01. August 2021

One of the must-sees of the year is definitely the Yayoi Kusama Retrospective at Gropius Bau (surprisingly, the first one ever in Germany!) The Japanese contemporary artist looks back on her creative period of over 70 years, and the exhibition traces the development of her artworks as a pioneering character in the immersive art world.

Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin: Joseph Beuys Retrospective 100th Birthday – 24. April until 08. August 2021

Just in time for his 100th birthday, the opening of the Joseph Beuys retrospective is planned for April. Beuys was not just any artist: his works, which have expanded the concept of art in all directions, are formative for the term Gesamtkunstwerk. The exhibition pays special attention to his engagement with language, from his periods of silence to the hours of discussion, ranging from animal sounds to enigmatic writings.

Berlinische Galerie: Alicja Kwade – 30. April until 16. August 2021

One of our favorite female artists, who we also featured in our 2021 calendar together with König Galerie, exhibits her latest works, which can be read as self-portraits. As usual, Kwade deals with philosophical and social issues: How can a person and their physical presence in space be described to those who do not immediately occupy it?

Berlinische Galerie: Modebilder – Kunstkleider – 21. May until 16. August 2021

Fashion is a mirror of social change, and also can spur it on. This exhibition is dedicated to the most important means of expression of our personality with photographs, paintings and drawings. From 1900 onwards until today, many artists and their relationship to fashion are on show, from the likes of Hannah Höch, George Grosz, F.C. Gundlach and Helmut Newton.

Städel Museum Frankfurt: Photography of the 1920s and 30s – 20. June until 24. October 2021

Taking pictures is a daily habit for us. One hundred years ago, it was an innovation. Some viewed it as witchcraft. The exhibition “Neu Sehen” explores the tendencies of photography in the modern age. What view did the people have on life and how important was photography in the art world and in everyday life back then and now?

Hamburger Kunsthalle: Toyen – 24. September 2021 until 13. February 2022

Toyen’s surrealistic art is unique, poetic, and provocative. It is a play of opposites. To avoid gender stereotypes, the Czech artist gave herself the stage name Toyen, and quickly became the most important Czech artist of the 20th century. Toyen will now have their first solo exhibition in Germany, and we cannot wait to dive into it.

Museum Barberini Potsdam: Surrealism and Magic – starting 02. October 2021

The surrealists‘ interest in magic, myth and esotericism was paramount to a new way of thinking as well as ushered in the field of Psychotherapy to the general population. This exhibition at the Museum Barberini includes around 90 works by over 20 artists. See occult symbols, alchemism, and magicians by Max Ernst, Salvador Dalí, Giorgio de Chirico and more.

Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt: Paula Modersohn-Becker – 08. October 2021 until 13. February 2022

No other female German artist of classical modernism has achieved such a legendary status in public perception as Paula Modersohn-Becker. The comprehensive retrospective of 120 art pieces is dedicated to the artist’s oeuvre and shows how she anticipated central tendencies of modernism and femininity.

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