Beauty Sleep with Omorovicza

vor 3 years

A good night’s rest works wonders:

With but one night of rest, some problems can look very different and smaller than they were before your head hit the pillow. And some problems you can solve over night!

The Midnight Renewal Serum, the newest product by Omorowicza, will elevate your night-time routine. The brand is known for its healing array of all-natural ingredients (which we are a big proponent of here at Fräulein) and its use of minerals found in the Hungarian thermal waters. Very exclusive is this Healing Concentrate, which features a patented complex that enables the absorption of the high-quality ingredients deep into the skin, that is also added into the Midnight Renewal Serum. We suggest using a skin roller to really get this in. 

Other key ingredients include Bioactive Microalgae and Retinal, a non-irritating form of Vitamin A. It promotes collagen production, it speeds up cellular turnover so you appear to age in reverse, and it reduces fine lines and smoothes the complexion – an overnight solution for nourished and glowing skin, something we dream of, and would love to wake up to every morning. You can find the new product here

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