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“It’s like a movie of a summer day.”

Not many attendants or photographers were on site for the Jacquemus Spring 2021 runway show. This was definitely not due to lack of interest (Simon Porte Jacquemus is the name on everyone’s lips and hips), nor was it due to pointedly snobbish guest lists, as Jacquemus strives to be inclusive, offering lower price points, and managing an inclusive roster of models and staff. The lack of crowds in the most recent Jacquemus show was due to its location: the show took place in a wheat field accessible only by water ferry, over an hour outside the city limits of Paris. The dedicated guests that managed attendance inside the national park were treated to a harvest festival: sweet but hearty white dresses in bounty being paraded down a makeshift wooden plank in the middle of a vast field, provincial Picasso and Miro motifs patterned the suits and tablecloths that soaps and cherries rested upon. Everything appeared comfortable, charming, a nod to simple times, a romanticised version of the homesteading we have all slightly longed for during Covid. The collection is aptly entitled L’Amour.

Photographer Lee Wei Swee was there in the field, intermingling behind the scenes, touching the fabrics, grazing against the golden wheat. He shared with us these beautiful film photos.

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