Brave Hearts: Skiing with Miu Miu, F/W 21

vor 9 Monaten

Our snow bunny dreams have come to fruition

For the presentation of Miu Miu’s Fall / Winter 2021 collection, Miuccia Prada takes us to Cortina d’Ambezzo in the Dolomites and serves us a winter dream come true.

Opening with stunning visuals of a model looking into the distance, the film first reveals as little as a knitted ski mask from this winter’s collection. The voyage through the mountains then shows the full look: baby blue ski suit, combined with a silk as well as knitted top, furry boots and a furry bag. Shortly after, the second model starts exploring the Alps. Again, a black and white knitted ski mask is captured in a close-up. The mixture of silk knit and faux fur, that define the second look, combines skiwear and lingerie. The collection represents in its fusion of material and function our current state of mind – being forced to spend as much time as possible at home while feeling the strong urge to discover new territories and finally, venture into the unknown.

With the 8-minute film that was created together with M / M (Paris) and the cinematographer Benjamin Kracun, Miu Miu takes us on an epic escape from everyday life, a visionary place where we might find ourselves on the winter vacation we had to cancel. It follows the women on their run through the alps and demonstrates how they slowly connect not only to each other but to the setting surrounding them. Panorama shots contrast close-ups of details, conveying the relation between the individual and nature. The film implies that perhaps this last year, we have finally had the time to reconnect with nature and its beauty.

At first glance, the practical sportswear is romanticized through a playful color palette that includes pastel shades as well as beige tones and strong reds, greens and warm orange colors. But, the oversized cuts of the ski dresses and utilitarian trousers follow another agenda and again, borrow from soft lingerie and high fashion. Classic Miu Miu.

“Outfits combine different intentions, different dreams and realities, to create different characters. Inside and outside, protective and seductive, intentions are multiple, like the diverse identities found within each woman. And, in turn, each individual is attracted to liked-minded personas, the single becoming the collective. They form alliances, kinships. And they walk together.

The presentation climaxes in a bonfire ritual, again highlighting the strong and sexy looks, conveying intimacy with practicality and ultimately, a play with antagonisms: Faux-fur meets knit. Heavy wool meets silk. Dream meets reality. Fantastic. 

Text by Antonia Schmidt
Photos Courtesy of Miu Miu 

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