Finally: A Little Bit of Shoe Inspiration

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Every so often I see a shoe that makes me start a group chat 

Hey Berlin, is it hot enough for you yet? What shoes are you wearing? I bounced around all over this past heatwave weekend- from brunch spot to lake spot to secret garden to spree rave- and I must tell you something perhaps a little sensitive, because I love you and I want us all happy:

The shoe situation? Not impressed!

I get it. I’m guilty of it myself. I was clomping around in boots that weigh 20 kilos (good look with a sundress, but not so practical when it’s 33 degrees and you have a lot of plans.) I’m a people watcher. I was hoping to garner some inspiration myself of what shoes the best dressed would be wearing. But I saw a lot of unflattering foam sandals. I saw many questionable sneakers. I saw one million brown Birkenstocks.

I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to find my own inspiration. I love shoe shopping, but I love it so much it’s overwhelming. I need to have something in mind, otherwise I will be swayed like the tide and come home with lace up thigh high gladiator sandals with a detachable horse tail (seemed like a good idea at the time!)

But then, by sweet happenstance, I found them. In my inbox of all places. I found the shoes to wear year-round: great for the summer, and they will even join me this fall.

May I present the new WANDLER flats:

They are sweet, they’re playful and peculiar, they look completely comfy and easy to slide on. They are structured, clean, and a bit striking. There’s a nice mix of aesthetics here, to be worn with many a style, and a wide array of colors means you can choose your mood accordingly. I can’t wait to style the mustardy yellow slippers with a good Ulla Johnson dress and a couple beaded anklets. The darker shades will be perfect for our transition into fall, using The Row collection as our spirit guide. And how cute will the sheeny opal pink slipper look with textured tights and a fuzzy white sweater in the winter?

They’re not yet for sale, but I have set an alert to notify me. They have a bunch of other good shoe (and bag) options in the meantime for you to peruse. I’m in love! What do you think? What shoes for summer are you currently eying?

Text by Janna Shaw
Photos Courtesy of Wandler via BAM

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