Fjällräven Debuts a New Patchwork Line: Samlaren

vor 3 years
Today, the Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven debuts Samlaren, a new range based on the continued concept of merging high quality fabrics with responsibility towards the environment. The brand introduces their latest collection in the form of a limited capsule collection, hand numbered inside each garment and bag. All pieces are made from the brands’ own leftover fabrics of seasons and collections past.

With Zero Waste as their commitment, Fjällräven worked out a fun way to wear patchwork clothing rich in color this season. The capsule collection is comprised of a variety of women’s and menswear, including several jackets, caps, a re-work of their famous Kånken backpacks (obsessed with the military vibe it gives!) and several totepacks (a totepack is a tote bag that offers organizational compartments, as found in their backpacks, and is definitely our go-to for picnics and meetings alike). This special collection is available for a limited time only. If you are looking for some new spring / summer trekking attire to set you apart from your North Face companions, we encourage you to act fast! Check it out here 

Text by Barbara Anthofer

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