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Jewellery that meets both tradition and trend can be a hard task for jewellers, but not for Der Akt, the brand born in Berlin and which recently immigrated to Australia. We caught up with Melbourne-based Georgie Harrison to talk about her home-made designs and strong passion for quality.

Here at Fräulein, we’ve recently had a penchant for all things jewellery and accessories related (see here and here). T’is the season? According to Statistica, jewellery industry statistics for 2019 show that the market worth was $301.12 billion. Based on these numbers and the recent trends, it is estimated that the market will reach $480.5 billion by 2025. Sadly, we can’t show off our garms in public spaces like bars and clubs, however, the next best thing to do is make ourselves look expensive and dapper via our four-walled screens, and that is the task of dripping ourselves in jewellery.

While there has been a rise in jewellery sales, there has also been a rise in upcoming jewellery brands, including Der Akt. Georgie Harrison, who founded the brand while she lived in the German capital for the past 7 years recently returned back to Australia. After returning back the self-taught jewellery maker continues to make her stylish designs. Her work is inspired by “art, the human condition, our great Earth, and space!”



How it started.

“I‘ve always been making something or other and have always had a real affinity for precious things and natural treasures like gems and metals. I am also the sort of person who decides they want to do something and then I just do it. So that‘s what I did. I decided I wanted to start making jewellery and learn and I did it. I learnt some silversmithing at university many years ago (and adored it) but because I‘ve learnt most of my skills from the internet, trial and error, and from looking at other makers it‘s all very much a work in progress – always will be I suppose.”

The ‘lightbulb’ moment.

I‘ve always loved jewellery. I‘ve always been very fascinated but ancient jewellery and the sort of permanence of it. It‘s something people hold dear, attach sentiments to and pass on to others. The symbolism of this is pretty special and something that represents some of the nicer sides of human nature.

An idea to an artform.

I‘m more of a craftsperson and artist than a designer and if I wasn‘t making it I don‘t see the point. Sometimes I draw designs but a lot of the time I just dive straight into making. I get an idea and it‘s so much easier to work it out tangibly and in the third dimension. There’s nothing more rewarding for me than making something I’m happy with or an idea coming to life in form.

A piece of personality.

I only make things I want to, things that stir my creativity and my desires. If I don‘t put myself into it then I won’t get any joy from it! I will only ever make things that I would want to wear. We are all tapestries of things that inspire us and are influenced by a myriad of things, I don’t really think there’s any way our experiences and character wouldn’t come out in the things we do/create.

Creativity is key.

Creating new things is a discovery in itself and I’m always exploring new processes and techniques. It’s all very exciting, always! Each day arriving in my studio is the start of a new day with a new mood, different motivations and influences, different expectations and intentions – that’s the creation process and that will just never get old.

Quality over quantity.

I’m a stubborn person with a strong sense of self, strong ideas and morals and a real sense of purpose. I also have super high expectations of myself and a real perfectionist streak. I don’t let other peoples opinions influence my character, which I think is so important in this age we’re living in. I hope that this attitude is somewhat conveyed in the quality and character of my work 🙂



You can shop all things jewellery at Der Akt here or at Voo Store here.



Images courtesy of Der Akt

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