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Did you know: the American Psychiatric Association recently published a new diagnosis … Caffeine Use Disorder is now featured in the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

This experiment sounds counter-intuitive when done for the sake of work. 

But it must be done.

I take a more holistically-aligned approach to my health. In Germany, this is more common-place. A doctor has prescribed me teedrinken to ease my woes. In the States, this is not the case. Opiods for everyone! Wash  it down with coffee! One habit I have taken with me, clutched with white knuckles, is a hyper-consumption of coffee in all its many forms. I know this is not the key to a totally peaceful and at-ease lifestyle, but it gets my mind’s gears turning and I have never found the desire to quit. I guess that’s what addiction is.

Here, I shamelessly share my caffeine workday schedule (don’t even get me started on weekends …)

9AM: I start my day with a big glass of cold water and lemon, with an array of vitamins that are dependent upon how I’m feeling as well as the time of year. I’m off to a great start! But after this, there is a double shot of espresso. I love morning coffee. I love that first kick. Typing this, I could cry. This will be the most difficult cup to break, especially because it directly effects a morning ritual with my flatmate. 

Mid-Morning: I step into the office and have an Americano. This is the shot of adrenaline I desire while I muster up the courage to open my inbox.

13.00, or whenever I finish lunch: yep …!

18ish o’clock: a diet soda or a shot of espresso to boost my spirits and help me begin to wrap up my workday because I deserve a little goodness. 

A couple years ago, I was also having a shot of espresso after dinner. I have realized that my coffee addiction is not wise. The long term isn’t so far off anymore. I have tried simple afternoon teas (I like teas! On the weekend …) but it doesn’t do it for me. So what am I to do? I think I want to change. I fantasize about being a tea and cold-pressed juice person (and not just when I’m on a cleanse). I want to drop the dependency. I want to actually enjoy coffee again, from time-to-time, rather than feel it a life necessity.  And the money I spend …? Wow. The Schöneberg cafes will sorely miss me. 

So, well, here we go: I suppose I will be trying a coffee detox program. My guide for this will be MUDWTR. I have seen MUDWTR floating around on the wellness influencer accounts I unfollow / refollow with great consistency. They are usually doing yoga poses while sipping, or blending themselves a faux-latte in a sun-drenched outdoor kitchen in the canyons of Los Angeles. Can’t relate. But I did my own research and here is what I can say:

MUDWTR is a blend of goodness. It tells me that it will do everything coffee does for me, and then some: from the mental benefits, to the joy of ritual (it involves a whisker! No unceremonious tearing of paper pouches and cracking open cans.) MUDWTR’s base is masala chai and cacao. A little bit of caffeine from the chai; a mood boost from the cocoa. And then, what makes this blend special, is the array of mushrooms. Lion’s Mane (for your brain; it boosts clarity and creativity), Chaga (anti-aging!), Reishi (immunity, thank you, need that), Cordyceps (oxygen absorption and increased endurance) and then some turmeric and cinnamon for good measure . All of these ingredients are certified non-GMO.The starter kit includes a tin of MUD, a coconut creamer, a USB-charged frother, and a little guidebook. 

Monday: My plan was to start Monday. I didn’t. I was called into the office last minute at an earlier time than usual, and I didn’t want to rush my first try with the MUDWTR ritual. What this a subconscious excuse to prolong my coffee consumption to Tuesday? Probably.

Tuesday:  I went a full day without coffee and I feel good about it. My first morning MUD was very good. No, it does not taste like mushrooms. It’s rich and creamy and just sweet enough (I did not add sugar or honey, but later in the week, I will.) Throughout my workday, I drank a lot of water whenever I felt any desire for coffee, so of course this is an overall benefit. 

Wednesday: Today is a struggle. I have a slight headache. I am groggy and foggy and people are annoying me. I am drinking a lot of tea. I left my MUD kit at home, so I think I need another tin to keep at the office. Earl Gray sufficed. My saving grace was a pack of cinnamon Neurogum , filled with B vitamins, L-Theanine (the stuff found in green tea), and a little bit of caffeine. I chewed four pieces in a row. I could have kept going but I told a co-worker to hide them from me.

Thursday:  My spirits are significantly higher today because I had a proper breakfast of slow oats and fruit and a totally delightful MUD latte to start my day. (What? Coffee and a banana isn’t the picture of health?) MUD makes me slow down in a good way. It makes me get out of bed 15 minutes earlier. The whole ethos is a positive addition to my lifestyle.

Friday: I began my cycle, and I try drinking less coffee on these days anyway. Coffee seems to spur on cramps, which I suffer from (not all months do I cramp, but on the months I do, my cramps are really horrible.) I have been relishing in teas today, and they have all been super ‘milky’ to give me some comfort (I don’t drink milk, by the way, nor do I consume soy during my cycle or in the days leading up to it. If you suffer from cramps or think you may house endometriosis, read up on soy consumption. Lately I have been loving millet milk .) With all that said, I successfully completed my first workweek of no coffee (let’s forget Monday!) And I feel good about it. 

The weekend came, and I had a couple coffees with friends while out and about. But I don’t beat myself up over it. My goal was not to cut the cord, but to be more aware of what I am putting in my body, and why, and to reclaim some control over it.

An overall review, a week later: I have actually been craving MUDWTR more than I have coffee. I realize that it’s not the actual COFFEE that my body and brain wants … it’s the goodness and brain aid that comes with it. MUDWTR contains all that goodness and then some, without any late night anxiety or insomnia. I have turned a couple friends onto it. Others think I have gone goopy. I take it as a compliment. My flatmate taunts me. … and yet, he always wants a cup of MUD when I make it, so …

I will not cut coffee out of my life. I love it too much. In moderation, it’s beneficial to us! But I am happy that I am more conscious of my intake and I am happy to have found MUDWTR. It has made a very nice addition to my life and is a solid option for feeling good. Come over! I’ll make you a cup! 

Text by Janna Shaw
Look here for yourself if you are interested in trying it. Part of the proceeds goes to MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies)
here is their Insta if you feel like a little wellness inspo

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