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When hands touch, moments of creation and action are opened.

Man Ray’s famous photographs and collages of hands stir feelings of touch and sensuality, and they even come across as a bit provocative in these times when physical intimacy can put humans at existential risk. The works of Man Ray remind us of how hands bring creative energy into the world. They express our intentions and needs. What we want, we grab. What we don’t, we push. Man Ray’s rayographs and silhouettes of hands reflect the human experience each one of us has every day.


The work of and at hand also unites creative minds –  this month, OUR LEGACY is releasing a capsule collection called “Hands”. The various printed T-shirts and long sleeves revolve around different techniques that require manual work. Designed by Hank Grüner, the prints combine the action of basketball with the rhythm of music and the performance of drawing. OUR LEGACY has offered garments for Grüner’s work of embroidered, digital, and screen printed patterns. The simple cuts and colors of the textiles work well as a stage for these unique patterns. Grüner shares his fascination of hands with the photographer and painter Man Ray, which is why the Capsule Collection is also touched by Ray’s influence. It evokes nostalgia, also borrowing stars from NBA All-Star jerseys, connecting the single parts to partly abstract collages. It also eludes to the world of iconic music album covers. The final products merge different realms of creativity together, and create something completely new out of a collaboration we did not know we would love so much.

Text by Pia Gebauer
Images Courtesy of Man Ray Foundation and Our Legacy
Collages by Noé Cassi

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