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Polaroid Go, the world’s most portable analog camera, comes in two new colorways with colored filters, and arthouse-style black instant film. Fräulein has invited the an artist and set designer Ibby Njoya to elaborate on their creative journey, accompanied by Polaroid.

Balancing the dance between fashion, art, and color, the artist creates odd worlds around the character, luring the viewer in to dive into the playful aesthetics.


Where do you like to ‘Go Create’?
All over the world! In my line of work, I find myself all over the place—from Nepal to LA. When you’re constantly traveling across the globe it’s so easy to be inspired especially being immersed in new cultures.

Who has been the most inspiring artist to collaborate with?
I’ve collaborated with so many amazing people but one of my favourite shoots I’ve ever worked on was Rihanna with Rafael Pavarotti. We took this iconic, era-defining singer and dressed her in looks which spanned centuries and worlds—posing in front of a load of different backdrops. It was so special to me also because my mum couldn’t believe it.

Do you have a colour combination/palette that always gets you excited?
Everything! I am always trying to create work which dances with colour and art.

Thinking back to your teenage years, have you taken part in any subculture? How were your social surroundings back then? 
I really struggled to take part in any subcultures because my English was not that great, but also I never felt like following one thing. I tried to absorb as much as possible from my surroundings. To be honest, everything was overwhelming back then but I was so excited to just be trying everything.

Is there a culture that inspires you with its visual heritage? 
Throughout my work I’ve always been inspired and tried to reference my Cameroonian heritage. It’s a big part of my early fascinations with colour.

Big question: How do you use your camera? Are you more of an “always with me” or rather “special occasion” type of person?
Absolutely an ‘always with me’ person, especially with the portability of the Polaroid Go. Particularly I love the potential to be able to document anything, anywhere as I’m traveling across the world constantly for work.

How did your Polaroid support you on your artistic journey?
Polaroids have always supported me as I’ve been using them to document my development and experimentation as an artist for a really long time. My first polaroid was super old-school and didn’t have any film – once I had a working polaroid I couldn’t stop taking them.

Many use their Polaroid cameras to capture very significant moments for later. What are your favourite motives to catch in your free time? 
I love to capture down moments with friends, a lot of my early polaroids document this.


Picture courtesy of Polaroid

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