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This week’s most inspiring, comical, beautiful, strange, culturally relevant, or totally irrelevant highlights our editors found on Instagram this week:

Iconic moments of Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, or Drew Barrymore: this Instagram account is purely inspiring! – Sina Braetz, Fashion Director

This account is so stylish. I think I’ve saved every image from the feed, for one reason or another. Lots of 90s Helmut Lang, 80s YSL, 00s Versace… prime designers in their prime. Ooh, la la … – Janna Shaw, Editor


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Nothing has more potent power for turning me on than a flower does. It doesn’t have to smell; it needn’t be in full glossy bloom. In all it’s simplicities or complexities, the underlying sexuality remains there for me. Vex from X-rated Four Chambers creates a G-rated collection of, simply put, flower fucking. There are videos of anonymous fingers stroking, milking, fingering, and adoring various buds and blooms. Enjoy! – Janna Shaw, Editor

These sculptures are a-ma-zing! It showcases the beauty of our wonderful BPOC women – j’adore!! – Fabio Pace, Junior Fashion Editor

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Who wants to make me popcorn lol pls -Valerie

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This photo shows an 85-year old woman as she is feeding a squirrel with her own marionette version in New York City’s Washington Square Park. Amazing, isn’t it? – Olivier Mohrińge, Fashion Intern

BTS impressions of Jacquemus SS21 fashion show. Simon makes me want to leave Germany so bad lol! Also, it’s so great to have such a lightness in the fashion industry… – Fabio Pace, Junior Fashion Editor

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Barbie Ferreira gave us this week the greatest pic. After her shooting in April for #Jacquemusathome, she embraces once again the concept of a low-angle selfie from home. Some might say that this angle isn’t flattering. Well, she is the living proof that a boss lady doesn’t have a bad angle. Always remember that the fanciest accessory to any outfit is striking confidence in your own beauty and power. – Noé Cassi, Art Direction Intern

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. . If you don’t mask – you don’t get.

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„If you don’t wear a mask, you don’t get it.“
Thank you, Banksy, for making a point, again! – Sina Braetz, Fashion Director

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