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Form fitting tailoring, cracked leather jackets and so much more to it. KNWLS is one of our highlights of London Fashion Week and here is why.

Label KNWLS – rebranded and renamed from Charlotte Knowles in 2021 – SS22 show took place in the dim lights of an underground parking lot in Central London. Not only the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic but also the Brexit have both affected the UK fashion industry in numerous ways. Charlotte Knowles showed a collection this week, proving the world that British fashion designers are here to stay and still as resourceful as they used to be. In one word: a masterclass.

The KNWLS women define what trends are nowadays. Every single item is desirable, fresh and so thoughtful. Charlotte Knowles and her partner Alexandre Arsenault, whose she met while studying at Central Saint Martins, are part of those who define the spirit of the time and translate it into fashion.

Floor-length pants covering the heels are one of many statements seen, which will – and how can they not? – become our obsession during next summer. Speaking of summer, the earthy tones of this collection, brought along with styling elements such as cowboy hats and fringed hand-crocheted pants, have us feeling the unbearable warmth of the sun, without any romanticism, but more as a comment from Charlotte and Alexandre on the world facing climate change. A desertic image enhanced by the use of snake prints in form of lipstick pink boots.

The models appear from a sunbaked earth vision in a bohemian yet very sexy allure. The styling of shrunken breastplates, leather bomber jackets and extra-low-raised pants plays with sheerness, transparency and unveil a lot of skin in a libertine spirit.

We tried to catch her, but the KNWLS women is already gone, disappearing in a fog of smoke and dust. Beware of sandstorms! We’ll have a cowboy hat ready just in case – and some snake-y enamelled jewelry, to complete the look.

Image Courtesy of KNWLS

Words by Marien Brandon

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