Lana del Rey Releases Three New Tracks

vor 3 years

In anticipation of her upcoming 8th album, Lana del Rey has already released three new tracks that make us want even more.

After our long weekend and maybe the first one in a while we’d be spending outside, enjoying the sun or sitting on small tables in front of bars, cafés and restaurants under the awnings while raining. On top of the reopening on the 21th, we also got three new tracks by Lana del Rey, providing us with the perfect soundtrack

In 2021, she already spoiled us with her album “Chemtrails Over The Country Club“, which was released on March 19th. Just like the album, these three singles are more than worth listening to, watching the classical Lana del Rey melancholy that runs through each song in its very own, unique way.


Photo Credit: Lana Del Rey

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