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Layla presents her new single “POSE”.

The aspiring artist LAYLA BOE is challenging the male-dominated, brutal, and monotone rap scene by serving seduction, vogue, and glam.

The Berlin-based singer has been revolutionizing her genre by skillfully mixing rap with R&B and soul resulting in smooth and absolutely addictive singles making her one of the most “to-watch” artists. Her promising career started back in 2020 with the release of `Hustla’, a millennium-inspired masterpiece laying the grounds for her rise.

“POSE”´manifests all that we love about LAYLA, unapologetic confidence, creativity, and a hyper femme approach to music and performance, made possible even in straight and linear German language. The video mesmerizes the viewer with editorial outfits and a ballroom-like beat sparking the desire to walk up and down the hallway with sparkly stilettos. Making self-expression, and self-celebration available and inviting to everyone, her cheeky and almost intuitive lyrics are meant to stay in your head for long, as you walk down the street imagining yourself on the runway.


Never-before-seen combination of aesthetics, a catchy rhythm, and pure sexiness demolish established beliefs about German hip-hop, a desperately needed change. This is what the singer herself tells us about the inspiration behind the oeuvre:

“This whole experience has been a blessing for me. Not only did this campaign allow me to execute my vision but I also had the chance to learn a lot myself. I always loved and admired the aesthetics of voguing and ballrooms, which have become very mainstream in general but by working with dancers, doing research and actually participating at a ball I really got more in touch with the depth of it all. I have a lot of respect for the people in ballroom and I can’t wait to learn even more. With this release I’m paying tribute to the dance community and especially to the beautiful ballroom culture. I have a lot of respect for each individual that has taken part in this video and I’m really grateful for this outcome and I want to involve a lot more dancing in my further art.”

Picture courtesy of Sebastian Schuster & Boschmann
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