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The renowned media artist Refik Anadol displays his second major solo exhibition MACHINE HALLUCINATIONS: NATURE DREAMS at König Galerie Berlin.

After his first exhibition “LATENT BEING” in 2019, Anadol creates another artistic masterpiece combining human consciousness, environmental data and machine intelligence in his aesthetic work. 

The current exhibition is adapted to the premises of the König Galerie incorporating an ensemble of three artistic elements. The central feature of the exhibition is a giant data sculpture entitled NATURE DREAMS, which depicts computer-generated colour pigments in constant motion, designed to evoke nature motifs. NATURE DREAMS fascinates the beholders with changing visual effects and an impressing 3D experience. Beside, visitors can admire four other series of data paintings, as well as the site-specific real-time projection WINDS OF BERLIN on the tower ST. AGNES of the gallery. The latter is made on the basis of the city-specific weather data and adapts to it. 

Refik Anadol manages to aesthetically represent the space between the digital and the physical and creates hybrid relationships between architecture and media art. Since 2008, he has been researching in this field, creating parametric data sculptures as well as audio-visual experiences that simultaneously function as immersive installations. The artist strongly influenced the terms “data painting” and “latent cinema” and can therefore be considered a pioneer in the artistic implementation of machine intelligence. His new project MACHINE HALLUCINATIONS was developed during his Google AMI residency in 2016. 

Anadol is the director of REFIK ANADOL STUDIO in Los Angeles and works together with a group of artists, architects, data scientists and researchers from various professional backgrounds. Together with his colleagues, he creates new public spaces and image surfaces by using existing buildings and extending them through his aesthetic projections. 

“I am very excited to be back in Berlin to transform the façade of the iconic ST. AGNES church into a data sculpture and showcase our most cutting-edge AI data paintings from the MACHINE HALLUCINATION series. Our studio’s exploration of digital pigmentation and light through fluid solver algorithms draws inspiration from nature-themed datasets, using the most innovative methods available to AI-based media artists.” – Refik Anadol

The exhibition is running till December 12th 2021

Words Laura Katenhusen

Credit König Galerie

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