New exhibition at SCHLACHTER 151: Antje Peters “ARBEITSRÄUME”

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Renowned photographer Antje Peters presents her new exhibition “ARBEITSRÄUME” in Berlins Schlachter 151.

Peters’ work as a photographer begins with a need to get a grip on the never-ending production and dissemination of photographic imagery. Initially overwhelmed by the endless ‘stream of images’ in contemporary culture, Peters found clarity through categorization, starting a personal archive of self-created photographic series and individual photographs since 2006. This process allows her to channel her experience and perception of the advertising, fashion, and product imagery she encounters and absorbs from various sources, such as the internet, magazines, books, and public spaces.

Her work deals with the seductive aesthetics of commercial photography, often recreating and analyzing these images with a touch of visual humor, as seen in the series “XI. Illusion” (2011-2016). Since 2015, Peters has developed an interest in the clichés of e- commerce photography, leading to the ongoing series “XV.” and an accompanying webshop by the same name. delves into the concept of the webshop and its relationship with imagery. Other series, such as “XX. GoSees,” reflect her fascination with image research, history, and the adaptation of familiar photographic strategies to discover something new, depict current changes and developments.

In the past 10 years, Peters worked both as an artist with the medium photography and as a photographer in the fashion and advertising industry. She is a regular contributor to Numéro Berlin. Because of her commercial photography work, it seems, she becomes even more aware of the stereotypes she refers to in her personal series. To her, Art, as well as commercial photography change and influence each other. Her exhibition “Arbeitsräume” at Schlachter 151, the gallery and office space by OOR Studio, features her latest works from the “XV.” and “XX. GoSees” series. All posters at the exhibition are available for purchase online at

Visit “ARBEITSRÄUME” by Antje Peters, presented at SCHLACHTER 151, Berlin, opening on Saturday, 6th July 2024, starting at 6pm. Don’t miss out on this experience!

All images courtesy of Antje Peters

Words by Antje Peters

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