New Music Release: “Forever We’ll Be Dancing” by GRETA

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Singer and songwriter GRETA is releasing her new single ‘Forever We’ll Be Dancing’, a song about love and hitting the dance floor (again).

For the German singer and songwriter GRETA, music became her personal emergency exit door during lockdown – which quickly became the leitmotif for her new songs, following her debut album ‘Ardent Spring’ to be released very soon. Like so many of us, Greta was stuck in her apartment for most of the past year. And while others were doing puzzles or knitting sweaters, Greta wrote songs about love, euphoria and longing: Longing for the Berlin clubs, for social contact and for a way out of emotional darkness and night. 

The Result: a melodic declaration of love to her husband. “This song is inspired by my husband’s story. He has struggled with depression since we met, and it got way worse last spring. One of the things that helped him get better was something as simple as physical movement. Swimming, dancing, feeling free for a while. This became the key source of inspiration for me. The lyrics are filled with water metaphors and the sentence “Forever We’ll Be Dancing” means that we can overcome anything together and that we’ll always be dancing through life no matter what,“ states GRETA.

But thanks to the heavy 80’s disco influence ‘Forever we’ll be dancing’ is also an invitation to get completely lost in the dance. “To me ‘Forever We’ll Be Dancing’ is an absolute power song with a forward driven tempo and room for dancing. I hope people will get that feeling when they listen to the song. On a deeper level, it is a song written for loved ones and for life. We are all dancing through it even though the roads can be unknown and it takes time to find the right rhythm. The song is an invitation for you to surrender to dance completely.”

All images: Courtesy of GRETA

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