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There are only a few people who can claim to be true multi-talents.

Choreographer, dancer, singer and overall artist Parris Goebel is with certainty one this term applies to. Currently the most in-demand choreographer in the business, the brilliant and technically skilled Parris is true visionary, who has the impressive ability to turn movements into art. The creative, who as worked with the likes JLo for the choreography for her world tour, as well as Rihanna on the infamous Savage x Fenty shows and by the way also choreographed Justin Biebers “Sorry” music video, is now starring in the new UGG A/W 21 ‘The Perfect___’ Campaign, among other beloved faces such as Kim Petras. We talked to the ambitious artist about her craft, her inspiration sources and what is keeping her occupied that the moment.

Can you tell us little bit about yourself? How has your background shaped who you are as a person?
I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and have loved to dance from as far back as I can remember. I am of Samoan & European heritage and have two sisters and a brother. We are a very close family and was raised all supporting each other and to having fun. My family are my true purpose in life and with their support I know I can achieve anything I dream to do.

When and how did you discover your passion and talent for dance?
My mum joined my to a dance studio around the age of 10, but I found what I really loved was hip hop. I then took a hip hop class and half way through the year I was teaching the class. I have not been formally trained but just watch so many dance videos and overtime crafted my own style.

Where do you take inspiration from?
The world around me. I love music, fashion, film, photography, art and everything about a visual organic world. Anything to do with creating inspires me and I love fusing all those worlds together.

Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, and now UGG, are just a few of the names who are after your magic touch in regards of dance, choreography and aesthetic. How does the high demand on your person feel?
It’s great to be busy and exciting to work with such iconic names and brands. Everyone has a very high standard of work and performance so I love to rise above and do amazing and fresh work.

How was your experience working with UGG?
Working with UGG was a blast. I am so fortunate to get to work with so many different brands, UGG felt like family right off the bat.

Besides UGG: What are the projects that youre really proud of as well?
I am really proud of my dance studio THE PALACE in New Zealand, which has given a pathway for so many dancers through The Royal Family dance crew. It has allowed them to travel the world, dance in music videos with over 10 billion views and be booked with every major artist.

What’s your creative process like when you choreograph?
Get three or four of my girls into the studio and press play.

What did it take to be where you are today?
Hard work – there is no secret to success but to work hard, be relentless and self belief. Having the right people around me and never accepting No as an answer.

What do you love about your profession the most?
The ability to touch and move individual souls and hearts who see my work.

You’re also a singer and director, how do you juggle all your creative ambitions?
I’m still getting there, as I work focused on whatever project is on the clock.

What are you currently working on?
Just finished doing the Fenty 3 show and have a feature film and TV series in planning.

What is the ultimate goal?
To continue to do what I love each and everyday.

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Images: Curtesy of Parris Goebel and UGG
Interview by Annika Duda 

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