Playlist Pt. 42: ANNIE CHOPS

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Each week, OOR Studio reaches out to various artists, musicians, and those with all-around good taste to create a playlist for us to play within our offices. Of course we share the best ones with you! Safe to say, we are curious about what is coming next.

“Sometimes I can’t really tell what’s going on inside my heart until I sit down and write a song and then suddenly it all becomes very clear.”

For this weeks WEEKEND PLAYLIST we reached out to ANNIE CHOPS, who gained international traction though her viral kiss cover version in the Frankfurter S-Bahn. Far away from the well-known pop doll image, the Hamburg-based songwriter proves authenticity and self-confidence with her music.

Your music effortlessly combines RnB, Soul, Hip Hop and Pop. How would you describe your own sound?
My goal was never to “colour inside the lines” and adapt my workflow to the rules of a specific genre. I’d rather paint my own picture and work with whatever moves me. This could be music of any type of genre, as long as it has that kind of magic to it, that grabs you and pulls you in deep instantly. If I can achieve that kind of effect on somebody with my own music, I don’t really care about the label. But if you want one, call it guitar music for people who love Hip Hop, or just Chops Pop.

Which influences shape your music the most?
I write about my personal experiences and everything that surrounds me and shapes my thoughts and feelings. I guess that’s what most creative people do and why they start to express themselves creatively in the first place: To process their feelings. It’s kind of the best therapy there is! Sometimes, I can’t really tell what’s going on inside my heart until I sit down and write a song and then suddenly it all becomes very clear. 

How did you first discover that you are drawn to a music career? 
My mom used to tell me that before I could even talk, I would sit in front of the speakers with my ears pressed against the box, whenever my parents played music from their record player. She actually got kind of worried, that something was wrong with my ears, but when she took me to the doctor for a check up, he told my parents that I probably just really liked listening to music. So I guess it was always in me somehow. But the moment I really decided to get into a career as a guitar player and singer was when I was 13 and went to the movies with my girls. We went to see “Freaky Friday” and decided right then and there in front of the movie theater, that we would be a band just like the one in the movie. I haven’t stopped playing and writing songs ever since.

How did you feel when you stood on stage for the first time?
I guess super nervous! It must have been shortly after forming that band with my friends. We had like 3 songs, played in front of like 10 people and honestly it sounded like crap. But the feeling when we were getting off the stage felt amazing. 

Do you have role models in the music industry?
Not in a musical idol way. I am convinced that whenever someone has that one idol they look up to, you can always hear it in their music. But I could name a thousand people that have inspired me, not only through their music and the message in their songs, but also through the way they stand up for themselves and use their voice to make others be heard. Just to name a few: Samy Deluxe, Aisha Vibes, Marc Rebillet, Alessia Cara, Adele, Sting, Megaloh.

Images: Courtesy of Annie Chops
Interview: Annika Duda

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