Seventies Revival: Fashion Tips & Thoughts

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All You Need is Love (and a sparkly cardigan)

I think I won’t be breaking the news to anyone when I say that 2021 has seen an important seventies revival. Dolly Parton-like hairstyles have been seen all over the internet, and the flared jean with heel boots appears to be the «It» factor of fashion on Tiktok. At Fräulein, we love to celebrate this era of love, sexual liberation, and to entertain our office like we are in Studio 54.

We streamed Fleetwood Mac, we watched Halston on Netflix, and we fully emerged ourselves into the spirit of the decade marked by the notion of freedom. The Hippie Movement, and protests aiming to end an era of wars, still resonates in the current context as a new call for peace and equality is heard. The appeal of the seventies in modern culture is political and with every social reclaim comes an influence on our wardrobe. Fashion can be a tool to show support, even to claim peace. The youth is directly aware of this fashion transition. Gen Z is all over the internet, presenting their take of the 70’s silhouette androgyne and inclusive spirit of our time.

If vintage is always the direction to follow when seeking a seventies outfit, it can be rather time consuming to constantly score a good find in the clothing racks of our favourite secondhand shops. I made it easy for the laziest of us and prepared a selection coming straight from the latest collections of hippy-dippy inspired brands. We watched the runways and found 70’s nuggets.

The first rule to follow in aim to get the look is not to be afraid of colour clashing and mixing prints. Remember it’s supposed to be fun. Layering comes second: pile a shirt with a cardigan and add a coat on top, the larger the collar, the better. The volume should be at the top to accentuate the length of the silhouette with the flared pants (or fitted skirt) and heeled boots combo. Go bold! Perfect the look with the most voluminous brushing and a double black liner to create an intense gaze.

You now are ready, with a versatile look adequate to go in a disco club or protesting on social medias. Please find below our selection of groovy pieces which will emerged you in the ambiance.

Text by Marien Brandon
Background Collage Image Courtesy of Christina Deravedisian 

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