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Today it´s about DIY-pop success and music as a form of communication.


Creams is a Berlin-based singer and songwriter with a Georgian background producing heartfelt and complicated, edgy pop songs out of her bedroom studio. The authenticity and the city of Berlin, as a Petri dish for young talents, catalyze the ever-growing following of the artist. Her raw voice and self-made sounds perfectly align to create a mysterious urban legend. Her recent release “Gemstones” has peaked our interest with its depth and complexity.

How did you find your way to music?
To be honest, I don’t have a precise answer to that, seems like I have always been connected to music from my deepest childhood. My mom says when I was 3 or 4 I used to create my own melodies and sing about my dad, mom … like writing songs for my family members. Seems like music is the form of communication for me that I was born with, it’s easy, intuitive, flexible and therapeutic.

Where on the landscape of genres would you see yourself?
Somebody told me once that my music sounds like dark-bedroom-pop and I liked that. It definitely has dark elements, it is made in my bedroom studio and it is pop-oriented. So, I guess that’s the best description of it. But at the same time, it’s always changing so what was dark yesterday might be quite bright and happy tomorrow.  I would say that labeling it- is a matter of time.

Do you have a special connection to a certain sound or instrument?
Bass and drums, I guess. Generally, I start with the bass and drums, it’s like the skeleton of every beginning that leads me to the rest of the song.

The Magazine Musikexpress said about you “Creams is on the way to become the new DIY popstar”. Could you tell us about the “DIY” aspect of your music?
Ahaha yes, it’s totally DIY. Everything is made in my room and is mostly experimental. Besides the instrumental part of my music doesn’t sound like an experiment, the core of it is quite experimental. I love using different surfaces and objects to create drum parts or layer them with Ableton stock samples. It always gives that extra depth and color.

Is there a certain environment, a certain place that charges you up with inspiration like no other?
People inspire me a lot. I am a social being and I love listening. Also places. I love Tbilisi and I adore my sunny room. All these things give me so much space to wander. My lyrics are inspired by many different things: the stories of my friends, political situation of Georgia, my personal relationship, books I read, stories I create in my head.

Have you taken part in any subcultural movements in your teen years?
Not specifically. I’ve never been radically connected to any movement.

Is making music for you rather an emotional outlet or a creative spiral making you feel things in the first place?
It depends. There are times when I need to make music. Like its necessary for my well-being, especially If I’m going through something difficult or feeling low. I am so happy that I know exactly what I need to “fix myself”. It’s like being hundred percent sure that this remedy (music-making) works and is super effective. I wouldn’t say I make music to feel things, I feel a lot of things without music, especially the heavy ones, more dark and dismal things – music is my absolute comfort zone and when I start creating sounds, this act teleports me to another dimension.

What fine touch did your Georgian upbringing give you? Where do you feel it popping up in your creative journey?
Georgia is so unique. It’s the mixture of all: ancient, soviet, post-Soviet, Asian, European, modern… I think the eclectic nature of it is what I share with this country. Everything and everybody is so special and different. When I make music, or when I choose my outfit it’s always a mixture of everything I see around. It’s like being full-time connected with the surroundings and you never know which side will lure you.

Creams created a playlist exclusively for Fräulein:

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Picture courtesy of Creams/ Better Things PR

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