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Once a week at Fräulein, we dedicate our love to fashion icons, fashion victims, and those that leave a lasting impression…

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen left their mark as trend-forcasters since their youngest age, from Full House to best accessory designer in 2019 the sisters have yet proven that they can do it all. 

Their current look is far from the Y2K aesthetic that they helped to develop in their tween hay-day of butterfly clips and neon faux fur trimmed collars (the styling in ‘Passport to Paris’ was a huge inspiration for a lot of us growing up, no?) The Olsens still have an empire all their own, as designers of The Row , but this kingdom is much more elegant, casual, simple, and chic.


Being a fashion icon without any social media in 2020 is a difficult game to play, but the Olsen sisters are best-known for their every day look captured by paparazzi during their daily coffee-walks in New York or cigaret breaks in front of The Row’s headquarters. The simple and approachable silhouettes of Mary-Kate and Ashley has proven that the countless time that less is more in term of fashion. Oversized and neutral pieces are a must have in their wardrobe as well as menswear pieces layered on top of anything confortable, from a pair of Birkenstock to high heeled Manolo Blanihk pump anything can become chic paired with simple and well made pieces.

This signature style that is oftenly qualified as « bohemian-chic » inspired them to start their own line The Row in 2006, named after the famous tailoring luxurious district in London. Intemporal, uncompromising-quality basic pieces with an edgy New-Yorkese twist are the obsession of the sisters design-wisely, The rumours says that The Row’s pieces would last a lifetime as they never goes out of style. Sustainable!
Elitist brand that doesn’t communicate a lot, the Row is a continuity of the sisters’ mindset, The shops also serves as Art galleries and are close to be a fashion wonderland -a swimming pool is include for the clients of Melrose Avenue in LA-.

The numerous-time awarded designers are definitely spreading their silhouette to the most avant-garde fashion victims among us. My recent relocation in London sounds like a benediction for a The Row admire like me, if you’re looking for me, I will be near the boutique.



Text by Marien Brandon
All images of Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen via @olsenoracle

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