vor 3 years

Blue is the color of longing.

Longing for transcendence and the infinite distance that Joseph von Eichendorff once already dreamed of. Hypnotised by the insatiable desire for a state of incomparable sensuality. We seek and yet rarely find, because we tend to live and think in ideals that we believe will bring us bliss. In other words, consuming self-flagellation.

The young designer Claire Huang interprets past eras in her very own way. In doing so, she draws inspiration from bygone eras such as Romanticism. In a fairy-like, avant-garde way, she plays with soft shapes and soft fabrics that evoke a longing for fantastic worlds. By reinterpreting and recombining classic fairy tale motifs and paintings in her designs, she manages to open up inaccessible parallel worlds for those who long for them.


All pictures courtesy Claire Kingwen



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