TWENTY, escaping the city with Études

vor 3 years

The Parisian collective Études escaped the craziness of the city and takes us on a get-away to the Alps.


The collection presented via a film for Paris menswear fashion week is quite special, indeed it is the twentieth collection designed by Jérémie Egry, Aurélien Arbet and José Lamali. Special collection equals special surprise. Still, the traditions of the brand, such as the use of Klein’s Blue or the European flag, aren’t far away, as the collective merged the iconic designs of all the precedent shows into one. Condensed goodness.
The brand can be easily be placed under the umbrella of streetwear, but something different emerges from its fashion: a unique allure made for local cool-boys (and girls) coming from the oversized cuts, the smart mix of tailoring and casual. Practical yet noticeable.

The collection “Twenty” is released through a film which doesn’t lack any poesy and had us dreaming of a true reconnection with nature. The phones are turned off because of “no service” and the models rather spend their times contemplating the breathtaking landscapes or kissing in the cable-car. Paris is finally reopening after one year and a half of successive curfews and lockdown, a need to escape the city is more than ever present and has inspired designers to bring fashion outside the capitals. It was about time.

We all encounter in our lives some designers that are more meaningful than others. Indeed, fashion is not only evaluable in terms of taste, price or quality but rather with a very personal approach, an inner proximity and a feeling a community – Belonging.
I’m, almost on a daily basis, praising the likes of Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten, but my heart belongs to Études. I interned for the brand several years ago and yet freshly remember the joy that was coming from being part of this project. On a personal level Etudes’ design appeals to me in the most melancholic way and reminds me of my life in Paris, the museums I used to visit, the subway line I was taking daily on my way to work and the many heartbreaks, frequent in the city of love. In that way solely, fashion is more than fabric but it transcendes into an intersect of feeling and memories attached. I already said it too many times. And why not, after all? I love Études.


Text by Marien Brandon
Images courtesy of Études

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