UGG is Going on a Plant-Based Diet

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Okay, I admit it, for the majority of my life, I was a stupid shoe snob.

I was guilty of being one of those girls in high school wearing Jeffrey Cambell high heels, glorifying Mary Kate & Ashley sloppy-chic, and chain-drinking Starbucks skinny lattes, but I never went so far as to buy a pair of UGG Boots ( you know the ones) and live in them. All my friends did this. But that was going TOO far. I drew the line there! My association with UGG for the last decade has stayed in that archaic mindset. And now that I am older, and I should know better to be a bit more accepting and open-minded, this has remained a problem and annoyance, given the industry I work in. 

But lately, UGG boots and shoes have been popping up in places I would least expect them. Last season, we saw Molly Goddard gracing her models’ feet down the runway with insane platforms and overly fuzzy chic slippers that were like a Rick Owens LSD fever dream. When I found out they were a collaboration with UGG, I nearly fainted. I then professed my love, and hurdled over my own ignorance. I WANT THOSE UGGS! I would scream at anyone who listened, including a few colleagues who wouldn’t. I still screamed it, though. 

And now, after I have finally calmed down a bit over the Goddard collab, the UGG brand is doing it again … they’re surprising me to the point of existential questioning of myself. UGG Boots is going sustainable. And before I lose you, dear reader, allow me to explain a little more by what they mean when they say ‘sustainable.’ I am a bit weary of the word, too.

All the materials are natural. In the sense that I think you could eat them, if it comes down to that. They’re offering a couple of new styles that are made in totally plant-based materials, with their production being completely CO2 neutral. One of the new models is a fuzzy slipper they’re calling Fluff Sugar, which comes in three natural dyed colors— pink (dyed with mulberry, which I bathe in at night!), A yellow (dyed with gardenia pollen!), And a white (which is dyed in nothing, is simply its own lovely natural shade of fiber, coming from the pulp of eucalyptus.) The base of these is sugarcane! I personally think UGG Boots should dabble in the food industry, too. (Did I already mention that I wish to try eating them?) I have the white pair.I have been wearing these comfy fluffy babes around the house, 

I applaud UGG Boots for taking this step and holding themselves accountable, perhaps setting off a chain reaction for other large companies to follow suit. Because while I love a small and local brand holding themselves responsible, it’s even more important for a corporation to hold up to their end of this bargain. We’re all in it together. And that should mean ALL OF US!

Check out their full collection here
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