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Coming to you from Berlin’s unstoppable Ballroom Community, this weekend holds two fundraising events.

This Friday, David Milan, the German father from the Royal House of Milan is hosting the first major Ball in Europe after the Corona Lockdown. The theme is „What is your superpower?“ David Milan wants to show off the beauty of our truly diverse society, and there is a place for all. In collaboration with Emerald Berlin, exclusive merchandise has been released. Check it out here. Every single coin made is donated to Lambda Berlin: the first nationwide queer youth center and library in Berlin for young lesbians, gays, bi-, trans *, inter * and queers between 14 and 27 years.

Due to social distancing, you will be able to watch the Ball at Voguing.de or join the public viewing event here.


Photos by Birk Alisch


And it doesn’t stop on Friday. The next day, „Mother“ Angels will be hosting the Lagoon Kiki-Ball. This event pays homage to the post-2012 seapunk aesthetic. This event is also a fundraiser with 100% of every cent being donated to the LGBTQI+ organisation @CASANEM, an important hub for the local trans & queer community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The ball will be judged by an international panel of judges including legends Kendall Louboutin and Mother Cherry Marciano. Due to Covid-19, social distancing is being observed, but Mother Zueira Angels has your curious eyes covered with a livestream that can be watched here.

Artwork by So Extra Berlin

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