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Performance Art. Body Swaps. Europe’s last dictatorship. Birth in Pictures. Brain Mush.

What Makes Performance the Required Medium of the Day? via frieze.com

An interesting article on why performance art is more important than it ever has been. SK


What Waking Up in a Friend’s Body Does to Your Mind via vice.com

Have you ever wondered about what life is like for your friend? Scientists have initiated an experiment that gives two friends the experience of swapping bodies with one another through virtual reality and camera placement. The article explores how our physical sensations can determine our way of thinking and how closely both areas are related. The illusion of a body swap does not only seem like a fun experience, but could also benefit health issues or therapy situations and increase empathy for the other person. PG


Victory isn’t coming tomorrow via independent.co.uk

I found myself wondering what was happening in Berlin this week as I came across a demonstration of women and men wearing white and red costumes – twice.
Then, I remembered reading about the elections in Belarus and everything made sense.
If you’re in the same case as me and need to catch up ASAP with some basic knowledge about what’s happening in Europe’s last dictatorship, this article is for you.
Slavic peoples around the world are protesting to defend their right to freedom and end the 26 years of oppression established by the actual dictator Alexander Lukashenko. Women are leading the revolt through the impulsion of Maria Kolesnikova, who illustrates herself as the flame holder of the popular revolt, and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who runs for the presidency in a game already rigged.
Inspirational. MB


The Photographer Capturing Unvarnished Truths via nytimes.com

Photographer Heji Shin shot one of our latest covers: the striking image of the first second of birth, the emergence of a baby, halfway in mother, halfway in the world. T Magazine featured Heji and her series on childbirth. See more images there, but don’t forget where you saw it first ;). JS


Suffering from brain mush? Here’s how to get things done via theguardian.com

Our To-Do lists never cease to extend, and sometimes our brains might do the opposite of working harder to achieve all goals. The author makes clear that sometimes, it is better to accept that we cannot focus on several things at the same time than to give in to the brain mush. PG


Image Courtesy of Ligia Lewis and Performance Space New York

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