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A virtual Prince tribute. Spike Lee. Conscious cooking. How bicycles are tools for protesting. Banksy. And much more.

As the weekend approaches, we’ve gathered our writers’ solid reads from across the internet to keep your brains hydrated as the summer sun starts to take over our skies and lives. Stay thirsty and keep reading.

Why Queer Artist Deborah Kass Sees Much More Work To Be Done via CR Fashion Book

The artist discusses female progression, why it’s only the start, and how she is rewriting the rules on womanhood.

Spike Lee: ‘Race Relations Today Are A Direct Response To Having A Black President via The Guardian

Prior to the release of his upcoming film Da 5 Bloods, the filmmaker answers questions provided by Guardian readers, creatives and others on the recent case of George Floyd, Covid19 and more.


The Bicycle As A Vehicle Of Protest via The New Yorker

Writer Jody Ronsen explores the nature of a simple form of transport and how it represents and helps to steer much bigger problems and causes in the world.


This Is Not The End Of Fashion via The New York Times

While we all begin to adjust a more digitalized fashion environment, The New York Times explores a history of where fashion was, and where we are now…Oooo!


Banksy Shares Ideas For Replacing Bristol’s Toppled Slave Trader Statue via Dazed

The artist shares his ideas on how he would replace the slave trader statues in his hometown of Bristol.

The Soft Protest Digest

 Soaking lentils as a form of protest? Okay! The collective Soft Protest Digest’s website features an array of various kitchen staples’ histories– from where and how it was first cooked, to Proustian reflections on childhood memories of camping with cans of beans. The joy of mindful cooking.



Who Will Win The Digital Fashion Battle? via Business of Fashion

As fashion weeks commence this weekend, this article delves into the battle of digital and who will come out on top.


Virtual Concerts via Billboard

A comprehensive guide of all upcoming live streams for the month!


Prince’s Anniversary: Virtual Tribute The Cross via Startribune 

To celebrate the 62nd birthday of the megastar, drummer Kirk Johnson, a longtime aide de camp for the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, has put together a virtual tribute featuring associates performing “The Cross,” his 1987 song.


9 Perfect Comedies To Watch Now via Sea Of Shoe’s

Texan Jane Aldridge is one of the most stylish women we know. She gains much of her inspiration from classic films, and she recently compiled a list of her favorite fashion-forward classic comedic films, ranging from cult classic She-Devil featuring Meryl Streep in a lot of millennial pinks, to Queen Latifah in all her early 00s glory and baby phat denim.

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