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Gay loneliness. Ruth E. Carter. Graphic t-shirts. The Keir Starmer effect. Whatsapp groups. And many more.


Takashi Murakami Announces That His Business Is on the Brink of Bankruptcy in an Emotional New Video Posted to Instagram

‘The artist’s lavish spending and big-budget sci-fi film could be the cause of his financial woes.’ written by Caroline Goldstein. SB

The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness

In times of pandemic and of Gay Pride, discover or rediscover the article “The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness” by Michael Hobbes for the Huffingtonpost. This piece will give you some food for thoughts in case you feel a little under the weather regarding boys. Note: This reading is best with a nice glass of Pino Grigio. NC

The Keir Starmer Effect: Why Young People Are Leaving The Labour Party

In their droves young Labour supporters are leaving the party, as recently the newly-appointed leader Keir Starmer has fired a Labour-favorite Rebecca Long-Bailey, describing Black Lives Matter as a ‘moment’ and have refused to support young tenants. SK

Graphic T-shirts Are The Best Pick Up Strategy

Be your own non-problematic pick-up artist. Wear your heart on your sleeve, or chest, or back. Get the point across in passing. Read my lips without making me remove my mask. A couple of years ago, I bought myself a stencil set and promised myself to stencil a sticker or t-shirt every day. Some shirts I still wear. Some stickers are still stuck. Vice wrote an article appreciating the graphic tee before I could. Hats off, tees on to them! JS

Brands May Support Black Lives Matter, But Advertising Still Needs To Decolonise

How genuine are the brands that are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement? This piece investigates. SK

First Look: Kanye West’s New Website Turns Shopping Into Art 

Kanye West has launched Yeezy Supplies in collaboration with Nick Knight. The website is yet to be launched and will feature shoes, clothes, and accessories. 3D models walking across the screen and background information on their favourite foods and significant life experience will be all part of the shopping experience. SB

What’s Wrong With Whatsapp

While social media becomes even more important, group chats have begun to play a very important role in our lives both politically and socially. SK

Ruth E. Carter’s Threads Of History

This one is about the amazing work of costume designer Ruth E. Carter who has recently received a lot of public attention for her creations for Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther”. The article gives insights into the complexity of her work surrounding herself with an international team of researchers, buyers, tailors, beaders, and engineers. AKL

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