WHERE THE SILVER WIND BLOWS: Saint Laurent Women’s Winter 21

vor 3 years

Saint Laurent’s Women’s Winter collection is here… and there is simply no way you cannot love it.

Surrounded by black stone, dark sand and mist, Saint Laurent presents the latest collection in the form of a fashion film directed by Nathalie Canguilhem. “WHERE THE SILVER WIND BLOWS” is the title of the film, which can be experienced with (almost) all senses. Epic about this presentation is also the music with a soundtrack by Sebastian and taken from the Max Richter album “Memoryhouse”. In slow motion, the waves crash on rocks, the beach shimmers and the incredibly strong models walk through this epic landscape as if they were part of a surreal dream set in a place you’ve always imagined – but could never really put into words. You wonder what the women are doing there, what brought them to this place.


The collection is at odds with the place, and then again, it’s not. It feels familiar, and then again, it doesn’t. Anthony Vaccarello reinterprets Saint Laurent classics from the 1960s while adding colors from the 1980s. Miniskirts and blazers paired with metallic colored bodysuits form the beginning of the show. Then, rock references stand out throughout the presentation, leather shorts in different lengths are combined with black leather boots with lengths from below the knees to the upper thigh. But Vaccarello also revives metal-tipped heels that remind us of past times of the house – just in his own way. The looks are finished off with heavy statement jewelry, chandelier earrings bracelets and chockers with a four-leaf clover motive (again, an exploration of the archive) or simply strass chokers. This collection combines rock with chic, coolness with conventional beauty, the bad and the good.


Image Courtesy of Saint Laurent

Words by Antonia Schmidt

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