X-Mas Calendar: Day 24

vor 2 years

Have a seat – or two!

Our home is our most intimate place. It is where we live and experience. Making it a place where we feel comfortable and at home, and establishing it as our safe space is also a big part of self-care. Because our home should be the place where we come to rest, where the door closes behind us and we have simply arrived.

“Great design should be accessible for everyone!”, thats the mantra of made.com. The company made a name through high-quality design and link this here with fair prices, as well as sustainable factors – and that for over 10 years now.

On the 24th day of our Advent calendar made.com would like to give you not only a comfortable seat for you and your loved one, but also a little extra self-care for you and your own four walls.

What you need to do? 

  • Send a loveletter to gewinnspiel@fraeulein-magazine.eu
  • Follow us on Instagram on @FRAEULEINMAGAZINE

Good Luck!
*Participation until end of the day, Winners will be contacted directly


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Credit: made.com

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