CHANDON Garden Spritz – A First Sip of Winter

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The holiday season is approaching us and so is the time of the annual “gift hunting”.

Chic and charming, and for everyone – whether connoisseur, art fan, trendsetter, home bar friend or lover of limited collector’s editions – with this very special bottle you always have the right gift!

Exclusive gift sets and sparkling rarities in luxurious packaging are the star guests on Christmas Eve and sparkle with the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. At the end of the year, all the stops are pulled out for loved ones and rich, sparkling and long-matured delicacies are served up.

Here are our recommendation for a successful surprise:


A spritz is not just for summer. Chandon Garden Spritz, the naturally delightful zesty, aromatic fizz crafted by international award-winning sparkling-wine brand Chandon, announces the arrival of its delicious new serve at winter gardens, ski terraces and resorts, bars, rooftops and restaurants. The toast of the season, revealed by Ana Paula Bartolucci, Chandon Garden Spritz’s creator, now comes with a dried orange slice and a stick of cinnamon for a new twist on festive.

” Chandon Garden Spritz is the perfect chalet-fireside fizz – because among friends, winter is the warmest time of year”, says Ana Paula Bartolucci, creator of Chandon Garden Spritz.


A cinnamon stick in a sparkling-wine-based aperitif? Absolutely. Chandon loves the unexpected; it’s in their nature. Since the inception in the 1950s, in Mendoza, at the foothills of the snowy Andes, they have always done things a little differently.
Around 250 different species of cinnamon bark have been identified by botanists, but Ana Paula has carefully chosen the cassia variety for their unique Chandon Garden Spritz winter serve. With its complete lack of tartness it lulls and comforts the palate, creating a sweet sensation, but its flavor profile is hot, pungent and bitter.

“Cinnamon is my favorite winter spice. Cheering and aromatic, it has a nostalgic warmth and sweetness. I love it for the subtle peppery undertones that enliven the Chandon Garden Spritz recipe”, says Ana Paula Bartolucci. “It is perfect for happy gatherings with my friends and family. Add a sumptuously caramelized dried orange slice and a stick of miraculous, transformative cinnamon – our magic wand – and hey, pronto: you have the definitive winter spritz.”

Ready to serve and perfect to share with loved ones, Chandon Garden Spritz is easy to prepare:

  • put 2-3 Ice cubes in a wine glass
  • 150ml Chandon Garden Spritz
  • one stick of cinnamon
  • one dried orange slice
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All Images: Courtesy of Moët Hennessy

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