About Fräulein

FRÄULEIN is a magazine that ignites a dialogue and continues conversations for the cultured.

The aim of FRÄULEIN magazine is to represent a wide variety of people and opinions who value the idea of knowledge and the arts through visually appealing images and words, placing females at the forefront of these conversations. FRÄULEIN takes time for well-researched stories and playful design. FRÄULEIN does not only mirror the present, it chooses to live in it. The goal is taking a stand, and creating a strong vision that is built on our everyday lives which interweave culture, fashion, politics, and more. FRÄULEIN is one of the leading pop culture magazines. The aim is to push boundaries of conversation, and to implement this dialogue into everyday conversations— not simply through our curated imagery, but through our topics of conversation including art, culture, fashion, voice, and the industry of beauty.

FRÄULEIN covers a wide range of emotions for the intelligent, cultured, curious, and stylish woman. The FRÄULEIN reader has an eye for detail and she knows this is how true style is detected- by honing in on one’s own. These are the women who know what they want and are not too bashful to vocalise their feelings; women who dare to be authentic, emotional, and question authority. FRÄULEIN magazine is about creating a new normal and starting a dialogue for engaging in topics that may at first come across as taboo. It is a love letter and a space for all international, forward-thinking women, and for a generation that vows never to be basic or boring.