A Guide to Fishnets, Inspired by Chanel Fall ’21

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“I do recommend it for all girls, and boys, out there: put on a pair of fishnet stockings and find your inner sexiness!”

I have never been able to shake my obsession for fishnets.
I like them all: the micro mesh, the macro knits, the knee-highs and the stay ups.
All of them.
(As long as they’re black.)

They have gone out of style 100 times and they have come back 100 and 1 times. That’s the way the hosiery goes. I have had bad dates tell me they associate fishnets with sex workers, as if that’s a bad thing. I have had good dates that allow me to put mine onto them, happily so. I have had my fishnets gingerly removed, torn with intent, worn at the opera and later to Berghain. They have started fights and they have kindled romances.

So yes, I think it’s safe to say, I have a thing for fishnets.

The Fall 2021 Chanel show took place this week, and much to my total delight (and to the dismay of many others), nearly all the looks featured a fishnet foundation. In typical Chanel fashion, over half of the 60something looks were rather buttoned up in all its Fall Tweed glory. My associations with Chanel rarely stray from the Park Avenue woman with coiffed hair. But if I saw a coiffed woman strolling Park Avenue wearing Chanel pumps and fishnets? I would probably ask for her number (yes, I, too, can be Baby.)

Below, I share with you my favorite fishnets as well as my top 10 favorite looks from the Chanel runway, to get you inspired and ready to rub shoulders with the best of the Upper East Side. In fishnets? Babe, we will wear the tweed even better.

1. DKNY: if subtle is your ethos, why not try out a nude fishnet? DKNY makes a micro mesh fishnet, which will make this even more subtle. Because I am very pale (and wish to stay that way, without a ‘nude’ shade tanning me), DKNY makes a shade called Aluminum, which is somewhere between a white and traditional nude. They also make a wide array of other colors. A micro mesh fishnet is a cheeky kind of flirtation, which no one will be able to see unless they have the privilege of sitting next to you with your netted legs crossed. Lean into it.

2. AGENT PROVACATEUR: AP is blatant pin up sexiness with a playful feminine character. If you are looking to stand apart from what surely will become a new wave of fishnet wearers this upcoming season, perhaps add a bit of glamour to your evening. Agent Provocateur has a model of fishnets called ‘Zodiac‘ which features a splattering of crystals, mimicking constellations. What better way to grab someone’s attention than by inviting them to go stargazing indoors? Enchanting.

3. WOLFORD: truly the holy grail of all tights and leg situations (and beyond. Their tube dress? I own three). Wolford fishnets are super luxurious and they will certainly last you longer than a couple wears, unlike some of the cheaper brands. So yes, while Wolford is higher on the spectrum in terms of price point, there is a reason for this. I like both the classic ‘Twenties‘ fishnets and the larger ‘Fourties‘ as well. A thick waistband means it does not roll, and it also looks good peeking above your Chanel skirt. When I mentioned that fishnets have spurred fights, it was when someone dared try to rip into my Wolford fishnets.

4. HEDOINE: Perhaps you’re beyond the normal fishnets, you already know all I have mentioned, and you wish to be turned onto something new. Fair. I accept the challenge. Hėdoïne is a new leg wear line that I have been wishing to talk about since they launched. They make a run-free, sag-free, pinch-free promise. And do you know who is on their board? The former CEOs of Jimmy Choo and Wolford. So if you don’t trust me, there you have it. Right now, they have a number of sheer options, and one patterned legging called ‘The Charmer‘ which I think will look fantastic peeking out from underneath lots of drapey black (see: that Chanel cape situation)

5. FALKE: perhaps you are not ready to jump into the world of fishnets, but you may like to dip your toes into the water for a little bit? Falke makes great fishnets as well, but they also have a knee high model. You will stay current but true to self and comfort. I think these socks would look fabulous and mod with a super short skirt and chunky Mary Jane platforms. Think Miu Miu.

Text by Janna Shaw
Fishnet photos courtesy of corresponding PR companies
Chanel photos courtesy of Vogue Runway

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