A Special Samhain Playlist

vor 4 years

Once a week at Fräulein, we ask a budding musician or DJ to create a playlist for our office and then share it with our readers. We have found many special gems this way.

This week, however, we are mixing it up and making a collaborative project of sorts. In honor of our favorite time of year (at least for a couple of us), Halloween (or Samhain, if you will), we offer you a treat in the form of our own favorite songs that have a bit of a darker twist.

Our team is diverse in style and tastes, so while you are bound to find something you already love, we hope you will also be turned onto something new. Tracks range from the haunting vocals of Chelsea Wolfe and a stirring cover by Annie Lenox, to hypnotic beats of Vladimir Dubyshkin and tortured wails of Lingua Ignota… we think you will find something nicely disturbing.


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