An Ode (and a Guide) to CBD Oils

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„Hemp doesn’t get you high but it sure does make you feel good.“

As I type this, it is 2pm on a Wednesday and I am working from home in a bath of rose oil, epsom salt and marigold blossoms. I am sipping chamomile tea. I have just dropped four syringes worth of CBD oil under my tongue.

This may seem blissful to you, but I am in slight agony, even within the dreamy scenario. Today is the start of my cycle. 

I am not typically a proponent of the whole Work-from-Home ethos. There is a reason offices exist. I don’t like allowing my day-to-day workload into my sanctuary unless I need the upmost quiet to meet a deadline. But days like this, where I barely have the physical capacity to sit up straight, I consider the ability to Work-from-Bath a blessing. 

My cycles have changed over the years. I have always suffered from sporadic period pains. Some months, I feel nothing! Other months, the first or the last day can be debilitating; I may break out into cold sweats from the pain, feeling on the verge of passing out. And I never know if the next month will bring this. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of anxiety around my encroaching cycles. I plan my life around them, even if I end up feeling totally fine. 

I have tried a multitude of pain relievers, both those prescribed by doctors and those passed down by doulas. I tend to be more holistic in my approach to the management of my body, but there were days of complete agony years ago in which I demanded a Vicodin to just calm me down and put me to sleep. 

Those days have passed me, but I still suffer a few months out of the year. I found that smoking a joint helps me a lot. It relaxes my abdomen muscles and distracts me. But in the midst of a workday, fielding a multitude of emails from a multitude of varying degrees of professionalism, I can’t very well light up and tune out. I still need my brain to be on it. As nice as the option is, there are some days in which I simply cannot trade my mental capacity for comfort of the body. 

CBD was recommended to me for years. I would reckon to say that I have tried nearly 100 different types of CBD oils. Yes, really. When I first began dabbling in the CBD realm, I wasn’t taking it when I really needed it. I was experimenting. I would take it an hour or so before bed to see if I could feel any difference, even if I was already tired. 

This last year, I began taking CBD more seriously, and using it as a tool for myself. I have about five different brands on hand. I’m like a fairy hemp mother, dropping golden oil under my friends tongues here and there, dependent on what ails them. 

I personally use CBD oil to help me manage three things I suffer from time-to-time:

Menstrual Cramping
Heightened Anxiety and Stress
Stressed Out & Polluted Skin 

Below I will be sharing with you a few of my favorite hemp and CBD products. Bear in mind, I am not a doctor or medical practitioner. This post is not sponsored! It is my own personal opinion. 

Austrian 8percent CBD Oil

This stuff is a dirty, muddy oil. It tastes like lake sludge. I say that in a complimentary way. I use a couple drops of this in the evening, if my mind is still racing. Within 20 minutes, my mind is calmed. I am yawning and feel a lot better about the current state of things. Of all the products I have encouraged friends to try when they come over, this is the one that gets the best review. 

The Original – 50 mg CBD

This is one of the first CBD products I used, and it holds a special place in my heart. They are the originators of CBD oil. Before they were a company, they were a team of researchers. This strain makes me feel all around a bit better… If I worked out in the morning and I’m feeling my muscles tensing in the evening, I drop. If it’s the weekend and I’m wishing to enjoy the goodness around me a bit more without any sneaky anxieties creeping in, I drop. It also comes in a couple flavors (I personally enjoy the natural taste), if you are hesitant of how this hits your palette.

Premium Hemp 1000mg CBD

This stuff packs a punch. They’re not joking around. Look at the MG count! I don’t share this with anyone. It is for me. This is what I am using when I feel any signs of period pangs arriving and I wish to nip them in the bud. 

Ylang Ylang Body Oil

I think I will let you do your own research on the goodness of CBD oil rubbed into your muscles and onto other various body parts. (I do hope you heed that tidbit of knowledge. You can thank me later! Or maybe not… Maybe just keep that to yourself 😉 Tom Hemps is a Berlin-based CBD company with a number of smokeable, droppable, bathable and rubbable items. This one happens to be my favorite. The smell of Ylang Ylang is a total delight, and the amount of product you get for the price point is totally fair. 

Organic Hemp 24 Hour Moisturizing Care

BIO:VEGANE has a number of series of products, inspired by the good nutrients found in natural growing goods (their Papaya AHA series is fantastic and CHEAP!) This Hemp line is perfect for the days when your skin is not doing anything too extravagant or too horrible, but you need a bit of moisturizer and pollutant protectant. It’s great for stressed skin that needs a little bit of care, but not too much (that can further stress your skin.) They have an entire hemp skincare collection, but the moisturizer is my favorite. 

Text by Janna Shaw

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