Armani Casa is turning twenty

vor 4 years

The furniture line Armani Casa is celebrating their 20th birthday in our roaring 2020s, which we mostly spend at home.

20 years ago, Giorgio Armani started with the first Armani Casa collection, transferring his sense of beauty and the aesthetic from fashion to furniture, starting with one simple chair in Milan.

The vision was to combine the luxurious and essential into the design, with precious materials, pure lines and precise craftsmanship. A sophisticated and harmonious collection was born. Based on his love for small details and his curiosity for new, fresh environments, Giorgio Armani created an established brand with stores all over the world. Mainly inspired by the world of nature and Art Déco, and combined with oriental inspirations from the 1920s, an entirely new dream-world was created, in which traditional approaches mingle with chic innovation.

The Armani signature is all about lifestyle: from the Italian runways to the privacy of our living rooms, the brand is iconic and refined. The most precious of materials from around the world are used to create Armani’s designer furniture. While the Armani pieces are often found within the trendiest hotels, to the set-designs of some of our favourite films, the Casa line by Armani now becomes a statement in luxury home decor, available worldwide. Below, a behind-the-scenes video filled with intimate views.


Images and Video Courtesy of Armani
Film still from Paranoia – Robert Luketic

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