Blue meets green: Byredo x Our Legacy

vor 3 years

90s inspired pieces by Byredo and Our Legacy: Byproduct 27

Byredo, best known for luxurious perfumes and make-up, is collaborating with Swedish fashion brand Our Legacy for a sustainable line under the name Byproduct 27Raw denim and graphic basics – this collection is understated but that makes it even better.

Both Stockholm-founded brands have so much in common, that we wonder why this cooperation didn’t happen earlier. “Values, aesthetic preferences, passions, years and decades that were formative, and a home town – we share a lot between both the brands and between the persons involved in making them come to life. The sharing factor made this collaborative work inevitable,” explains Jockum Hallin, Founder of Our Legacy.

Many pieces feature the collaboration logo; it’s embroidered on caps, printed on simple t-shirts or, very little inconspicuous, placed on the butt pockets of the relaxed-fitted jeans. The designs are based on the philosophy of creative upcycling from the Our Legacy Work Shop.

Images: Courtesy of Byredo x Our Legacy

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