Clash de Cartier x Lily Collins

vor 2 years

You know them, the classic bracelets of Cartier which adorn the wrists, filled with classic and eccentric energy.


A piece of jewelry as timeless as the brand itself and yet the Clash de Cartier collection bristles with contrasts and uniqueness in design and feeling. The focus is on classic shapes, but at the same time they are overcome, creating space for a fusion of geometric elements and dynamic details.
The brand’s love of geometric shapes dates back to the 1930s and can be found in a variety of elements, whether it is the voluminous, classic reliefs, circles or idiosyncratic squares. Here, the unusual combines to create a new dimension of geometry, a personal new interpretation of form. Thus, Clash de Cartier forms a meeting of opposites and the unexpected: Large volumes meet gentle contours, uniting elegance and femininity and embodying a balancing act between the past and the present, the gaze turned towards the future.
And yet Clash de Cartier leaves room for one thing above all: for us. Because the jewelry pieces are for you, for me, for us and for everyone who wants to express his uniqueness. Who want to underline their character and strength, who love and celebrate their freedom: Just like Lily Collins, the new face of Clash de Cartier.

Picture courtesy of Cartier

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