vor 3 years

A step across the threshold between our digital and real identities.

There are desires, fantasies and roles we cannot realize in our everyday life but are made possible in virtual worlds.
Everything may be combined: a game of in-between worlds, an experiment of intimacy …

body: Isa Boulder, boots: Stylists own

shirt: Vintage, corsage: Fleetylia, tights: Wolford, shoes: Stylists own 

body: Stylists own, tights: Wolford, collar: Vintage, shoes: Marine Serre, jewelry: Stylists own

jacket & skirt: NAMILIA, knife: KSTAR Fundus

costume: Stefanie Luise Kayser

Art Direction : Imke Rabiega @imkerabiega
Photographer : Lucas Caqlar @lucascaqlar
Assistant : Massimiliano Corteselli @massimilianocorteselli
Model : Begana @be___gana___ via Kyrasophie @kyrasophie
Hair and make-up : Isabel Maria Simoneth @isabelmariasimoneth
Styling : Imke Rabiega
Styling assistant : Stefanie Luise Kayser @ fuckit.ihatenames
Set design : Imke Rabiega & Marcus Vinicius de Queiroz @marcusviniciusdq
Production : Imke Rabiega, Charlotte Shirin Assmann @bluemchenbrauchenwasser

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