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London-based director Maxim Kelly explores the world of how to see systems in everyday life reflected on beauty.

In “What Am I” the concept comprises of playing a collection of “Guessing-Games” where our models question their identity. However, by not forcing the “Guessing-Game” concept to the forefront. The film becomes non-concrete, so it appears ethereal and philosophical. With an emphasis on the profound and reflective responses and questions.

ELIS M wears:
LOOK 1: All clothes; Model’s own – LOOK 2: Suit, Vest & shoes; VIVIENNE WESTWOOD – LOOK 3: Skirt, Shirt and Shoes; CELINE, Red socks: FALKE
Kat C wears: LOOK 1: Long sleeve top; VIVIENNE WESTWOOD
Mimi M wears: LOOK 1: Total look and shoes; GUCCI – LOOK 2: Dress and trousers; SARAH BALMONT, platform boots; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN
Rana wears: LOOK 1: White Dress; CHRISTINA SEEWALD, High boots; AGL – LOOK 2: Red dress; FILA, Trousers and red heels; SARAH BALMONT – LOOK 3: Dress & Coat; VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, Boots; AGL

Director: Maxim Kelly
Styling: Marianthi Hatzkidi
Hair: Hirokazu Endo
Make-up: Hannah Wastnidge

Movement Director: Kat Collings
DOP: David Bird
AC: Brendan Harvey
Gaffer: Peter Tomasikiewicz

Stylist Assistant: Francesca Russo

Editor: Suga Suppiah
Grade: Karol Cybulski @Cheat
Music: Mark Nicholis

Elis M C/O Anti-Agency
Kat C/O Call Time
Mimi M C/O Anti-Agency Call
Rana C/O Wild Management

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