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There are items that we like, and there are items that we love. There are items we collectively laugh over, bond over, swoon over, and there are definitely pieces we are singularly obsessed with.

We dedicate a weekly declaration of love to particular fashion and beauty items that may not forever be iconic or relevant, but are currently making us feel some type of way. Enjoy the latest obsessions of our editorial team. Welcome to Miss Crush!

For this week’s crush, we have our discerning fashion editor Ann-Kathrin Mercedes Lietz, admitting she has a fondness for clunking around in clogs. But so do we! These Louis Vuitton clogs that made their appearance in the Spring RTW 21 collection are incredibly reminiscent of a shape of shoes that were making the rounds in the early 00s (Jeffrey Campbell and Betsey Johnson, anyone?) We were obsessed with them then. We laid them to rest. And I think it’s time to get them back out to play … So with the guidance and blessing of our guru AK Mercedes, we will definitely be giving these babes a trial clomp one day soon. And you’ll know it when we do. You’ll hear us coming from across town.


“Ever since I saw Louis Vuitton’s clog heel on the SS21 ready-to-wear runway I don’t know what to think of it. And I have thought about it a lot! In a way, I feel magically drawn to this shoe, even though I am not entirely sure it appeals to me … It’s caught somewhere between a So Kate and a Dutch wooden clog. It looks elegant but clumsy, bold yet awkward, beautiful but just … wrong. As if the transformation of Cinderella’s slipper was put on hold just before it’s completion. One version of the shoe comes with contrasting toe caps, and is embellished with tiny studs, finished with substantial black straps.No one could possibly walk elegantly on the sturdy heel (the models tried their best!) And yet, I will applaud anyone who is brave enough to wear a pair of these on the streets. And you know what? Count me in! After all, this shoe got me thinking for almost six months now … “

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