Fräulein Crush: Philips H4205 Headphones

vor 3 years

There are items that we like, and there are items that we love. There are items we collectively laugh over, bond over, swoon over, and there are definitely pieces we are singularly obsessed with.

This week’s Fräulein Crush comes from Antonia Schmidt, who obviously commutes to the office via the U8, and is understandably fed up with the high octane jibber jabber surrounding her. These headphones seem to have made her life a bit more enjoyable…

“When it comes to hi-fi products, I’m absolutely undemanding. Although I’m a big fan of music and I celebrate music listening sessions, it’s usually enough for me to listen with my AirPods when I’m out and about, and when I’m at home, it’s on my mother’s old stereo. But sometimes, you’re on the road and you want to shut everything out, and focus entirely on the music… to enjoy music as if you were at home, and not on the subway on your way somewhere else… With over-the-ear headphones, you can pretend you’re actually enjoying the song you want to listen to, and you don’t have to hear someone shouting weird stuff at you on the U8. The Philips H4205 allows you to do just that. They are wireless and with rich bass, you can forget everything around you and enjoy music wherever you are. Pretend the drunken couple arguing across from you don’t exist. When it comes to sound accessories and hi-fi products, I always stick to black, but for those who are a bit more experimental with colors, the headphones are also available in blue, red and white.”


Image Courtesy of Philips Sound

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