FRÄULEIN CRUSH: YSL Betty Sunglasses

vor 3 years

There are items that we like, and there are items that we love. There are items we collectively laugh over, bond over, swoon over, and there are definitely pieces we are singularly obsessed with.

We dedicate a weekly declaration of love to particular fashion and beauty items that may not forever be iconic or relevant, but are currently making us feel some type of way. Enjoy the latest obsessions of our editorial team. Welcome to Miss Crush!

For this week’s crush, we have our dearest intern Hannah revealing her need to expand her sunglasses collection and her love for these super classic YSL ‘Betty’ sunglasses:

“While I’m writing this, rays of morning sunshine are beaming through the office windows directly into my face. Of course I’m wearing SPF, but not sunglasses. The early March sun actually surprised me a bit. I haven’t touched any sunglasses in months. Some people like to accessorize every outfit with a matching pair, but not me. Maybe I should start? Right know I own 3 pairs of shades I acquired over the past 8 years, which I wear in summer on rotation. They’re all bigger frames and classic shapes, but I really love the glasses by Saint Laurent and I recently spotted the Betty 317 SL model, named after Yves’ muse Betty Catroux. The smaller oval shaped frames have a vintage feel to them, just like Betty wore in Paris in the 80s. If I want to start wearing sunglasses year-round, I definitely need to expand my collection by a few.I would love to start here.”

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