FRÄULEIN REWIND: The Men of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Stripped Down

vor 3 years

Art makes you sexy, and Hegel makes you smart. Here’s a little proof.

For the Fräulein print issue from Winter 2013, we had the guys from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna stripped down in front of the camera and faced our no-holds-barred questions. We see the men beyond soft-rinsed advertising aesthetics, and we learn how to hit on an artist at the bar. We learned what dialectics are good for, and that sometimes you have to fuck the system to get through life upright. If art were always this cool and unforced, we wouldn’t have to worry about its relevance in times of big money.

Miss: Ever read Hegel and understand anything?
Mario Grubicic: Yes, everything. That’s what I’m here!

Miss: What is the right drink to forget?
Mario Neugebauer: Vodka / Rophynol

Miss: Superstructure or base?
Martin Grandits: Oho … someone is well-read !!!

Miss: Love is …
Milan Miladenovic: An anglerfish cloned with a lion or a hyena, or an anglerfish cloned with a lion and a hyena.

Miss: The worst morning after was with …
Rade Petrasevic: … Myself.

This spread was taken from the Fräulein Winter 2013 print issue

Photos by Irina Gavrich
Styling by Max Märzinger
Photo Assistance by Patrick Melech

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